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Bajaj motorcycles have over the last five years changed their image ever since the introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment. A few of its more prominent models include Pulsar, Eliminator, Boxer, Caliber, CT100, discover and Avenger.

The Bajaj Pulsar has two models the Pulsar 180 and the 150 with DTS-i technology (Digital Twin Spark ignition). In this system two spark plugs are used to realize optimum combustion of fuel which provides better competence and power removing the need of a catalytic converter to lessen emissions. It has a 4 stroke engine with air cooled single cylinder and a maximum power of 16.01 BHP@ 8000 RPM.

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A new shift drum costs around $85 and in case one decides to opt for a used shift drum the cost would be somewhere around $45-$50. A new brake pedal costs about $70 while the cost of a used pedal would be somewhere around $40. New clutch springs come for about $30 in comparison to used ones which can be obtained for about $18. Used shock springs can be bought for a reasonable $45-$50 as against $85 approximately for a new shock spring. Used tires are available for about $20 in comparison to $30-$32 approximately for new tires.

Bajaj enthusiasts need to constantly monitor and upkeep the engine and the parts to ensure that the bike is always running in an efficient manner. Wear and tear on the roads can lead to requiring a change of parts on a timely basis. All bike enthusiasts may not be always willing to replace old parts with new ones. Now-a-days there is an option in the form of used parts available. These used parts are cost effective.

The use of used parts is gaining prominence as they are cost effective and have a resale value, as well. Moreover one does not have to worry about the depreciation cost as it has already been borne by someone else. The maintenance of the used parts ensures that the quality and performance of the used parts is up to the mark.

There are a number of dealers who deal in used bike parts from where Bajaj motorcycle used parts can be bought. A variety of used parts are available with these wholesalers who offer used parts at a discount. This helps the enthusiast to acquire genuine Bajaj bike used parts at possibly the lowest prices available.

Browsing through online catalogs is another option available for buying used bike parts. One can even view the possibilities of buying these used parts without leaving the comfort and ambience of ones home or office. It has simplified what was otherwise a long and tiresome process. As online shopping connects you to a network of retailers, junkyards, salvage yards, etc. it allows one to obtain competitive rates for the used parts.

However, be a little extra vigilant while searching online. Look into minor details carefully so that you are not hassled unnecessarily later on. Just make sure that the used part is usable and compatible with your make of bike.

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