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Everyone wants to be suave and sophisticated like 007. However, it is the small things that make Bond what he is. An electric garage door is a fine example. Picture yourself coming home in your motorbike or car and having the garage doors open automatically as you smoothly curve into your driveway.

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Other reasons for you to get electric garage doors

Apart from the flair factor, these doors are actually immensely handy. With many benefits such as convenience, minimal fuss and cost effectiveness, electric garage is becoming quite the rage.

Electric garage door make it simple and quick for you to enter and exit your garage. Nobody wants to get out of their wheels and open a garage door. The whole process gets very cumbersome. Also, many doors are heavy. Lifting such heavy loads can put a serious strain on your backs.

Who should get it?

If you are one of those people who love to tinker with their bikes and cars, then automatic garage doors are a must for you. A well-stocked technically efficient garage requires a good automatic door. Many people have their garages outfitted with the latest tools and machinery to allow them to play around mechanically with their wheels.

However, they miss out on the oomph factor with manual garage doors. This is why a remote controlled garage is of utmost importance. Also, there are many firms which match the look of a garage door with the house theme. You can even have it painted in a colour of your choice.


Many people do not enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by an automatic garage door because they think it is expensive. However, it is not so. There are a number of firms which offer cost effective solutions with low installation costs and good warranty period.

Some think that because the garage door is remotely controlled, it can lead to increased break in's. Again this is not the case as automated doors are tested to ensure maximum security. As an extra precaution you can make sure that the door you are looking to install is certified and wired to your home security system.

Another big myth is that these doors consume tremendous amounts of electricity. The latest modern designs involve the use of high efficiency and energy saving devices which cut down on electric consumption.

So, go ahead and get the magic of electric garage doors.